Once patients finish a test, that test needs to be scored by a licensed technician. Our technicians are highly trained to rapidly and accurately assess the results. These scores then help us get a fuller picture of the patient’s sleep, enabling diagnosis.

What Do Sleep Scores Show?

There are a variety of different studies that can be performed, but typically these studies look to detect how often a patient wakes up from sleep. They can also monitor blood oxygen levels, the total number of hours slept, and the amount of pressure that will be required to keep an airway open.

Sleep Study Scoring

Why Timely Sleep Study Scoring Is Important

Fast turnaround time is an important part of any good sleep disorder program. Along with helping to reduce patient backlogs, it can also improve patient outcomes, enabling patients to receive treatment as soon as possible.

Sleep Study Scoring – Forward Healthcare

At Forward Healthcare, we have extensive experience helping healthcare providers build out and manage their sleep disorder programs. Whether you’re still in the planning stages or you would like to assess your current efforts, we’re here for you.

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