Custom reports are key for helping organizations understand how effective an initiative is. Forward Healthcare provides a dashboard that gives you real-time, on-demand access to all the information and data analytics you need.

What Do These Reports Tell You?

Along with understanding how patients are testing, we also keep detailed records of the chain of custody for devices. This means we can quickly locate and retrieve missing tests.

Sleep Disorder Custom Reporting

Why Is This Data Important?

Data about each driver’s sleep cycle allows you to check and ensure that it is medically safe for them to operate a commercial vehicle. DOT compliance also requires you to confirm that they are following proper treatment procedures and getting a good night’s sleep so they are well-rested for the morning.

Custom Reporting – Forward Healthcare

At Forward Healthcare, we can handle every aspect of your sleep disorder management program. This gives you the time and space to focus on the aspects of your business that you care about most, while being able to rest easy knowing that your drivers are medically qualified to drive.

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Forward Healthcare reports provide data measured across a variety of different metrics. You’ll be able to see how many drivers get tested, the number of tests they undergo, the scores they receive, and whether they’re complying with treatment. The results of the sleep tests will also give you a clear-picture view of their sleep cycles.


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